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We can’t ignore our new normal. And it would be naïve to think things will go back to how they were overnight. To keep your business going (and hopefully growing), it’s time to adapt. This might mean changing your marketing strategy. Is it a reflection of the current landscape?

You might reason that time spent on marketing is wasted time at the moment. But marketing is essential to understand what clients want, how you can provide it and how to shout about the fact you’re doing it.

Questions to ask as part of your marketing review:

  • Do your current marketing channels allow you to reach your clients and prospects?
  • What happens when you Google your business? What are prospective clients seeing?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Your website is your shopfront. Does it create the right impression?
  • Is your branding and logo design still relevant? How do you feel when you hand over your business card?
  • Are you using social media? If not, why not?
  • Think about your short and long-term business objectives. Have they changed?

A successful marketing review definitely requires a level of honesty. However, to weather this and future storms, it’s important you feel confident in your marketing. Ask yourself; is it working for you or against you?