No-one sets out on a new journey without first consulting a map. You need to know where you’re going, how to get there and how to avoid unexpected dead ends.

It’s the same with marketing – unless you have a destination and a plan for reaching it, you’ll end up spending your budget on guesswork. That’s where Garda’s strategic services come to your aid. They’re designed to filter out the noise and give you the data, evidence and publicity you need to define your marketing goals – and to achieve them in good time and within budget. 

– strategic service

Market research

When you build your marketing on research and data, you take guesswork out of the equation. That means you’ll meet your goals quicker and get a better return on your investment. Our desk-based market research service is ideal for finding out how your marketing compares to that of your rivals. Painstaking analysis across your sector identifies which marketing strategies are working well, and which ones aren’t. Most importantly, our findings can identify untapped opportunities, helping you to reach new markets and outpace your competitors.

– strategic service

Advertising & PR

Good advertising and PR are the backbone of many long-term marketing strategies. If you want people to know what you can offer them, you need to get the message out. Whether you want to promote a new product or service, or you simply want to keep your brand uppermost in the minds of clients or customers, we can help. From strategic print and online advertising right through to sector-specific PR campaigns, our team will help you get the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

– strategic service

Marketing strategy

If you want your marketing to succeed, you not only need a clear and effective strategy – you also need the resources and encouragement to keep it on track. We help you achieve this by working as your outsourced marketing department. Our experts not only identify opportunities to strengthen your brand, increase customer engagement and boost sales, but they’ll meet with you monthly to help keep your goals on track. Our marketing strategies are always tailored to your business needs and your budget – so why not drop us line to find out more?

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