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A global pandemic can certainly be considered an uncertain time. And as the initial lockdown eases for many businesses, how should you adapt your marketing? In uncertain times, can you go back to your usual marketing strategy or do your clients need something different? We’ve outlined some suggestions below for marketing in uncertain times.

Re-evaluate your target market

People are living differently now. They’re working in a different location, they’re buying differently, and interacting with family and friends differently. Do you understand who your target market is now? Is it the same? What is it that clients need at the moment?

Put the person first

Now, more than ever, people need to trust the people they do business with. That might mean trusting that you can keep them safe or that you’ll refund them if their plans have to change. Many of us are more risk averse now, so getting your messaging and tone of voice positive and inspiring is important. Now is the time to build real relationships with your clients.

Focus on agility

Being flexible with your marketing is important. The needs of your clients are likely to change more quickly. And the way they want to do business may change too. Many industries will also see an increase in the amount of regulation they must adhere to.

Acceleration of digital marketing

Digital marketing was already on the up, but now, it’s accelerating even more. You may find that clients and customers will want to deal with your sales team online rather than face-to-face. And customers may want to see stock and available services online, for example.

We’re helping lots of clients with their marketing challenges, and if you’d like us to help your business, please get in touch.