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In marketing, when you work closely with your clients, magical things can happen.

At Garda, we’ve seen this happen time and time again, especially during the regular marketing meetings we have with our clients. We think it’s so important to meet face-to-face. Sure, it’s a chance to make sure that campaigns are on track, to bounce ideas off each other and to make plans for new brochures, e-campaigns, websites or other projects. But often the conversation will go to unexpected places – and with wonderful results.

Here’s an example. In a recent meeting with a client – kitchen cleaning and maintenance specialists TWO Services – we were discussing potential projects that would allow the company to give something back to the community. The Managing Director is a keen fisherman, so we suggested putting them in touch with the Essex Wildlife Trust. The company is now working with the Trust, Essex & Suffolk Water and others on a newt pond project. This will involve footpath repair, a new bat box, screens for birdwatching hides and – hopefully – recycled plastic picnic tables with wheelchair access.

A simple introduction helped the company ‘bridge the gap’ and do something to improve local people’s lives.

We’ve helped many other clients in this way, and we continue to do so. For example, we’ve facilitated tree planting projects for three businesses. We’ve also made a school tranquillity garden project get off the ground thanks to the involvement of one of these firms.

What makes us proud is that by bringing the right people and organisations together with our clients, we help make a real difference. So, if you’re motivated by giving something back to the community as well as creating great marketing, get in touch. Thanks to our regular marketing meetings, we could help you bridge the gap too.