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Marketing your own company: What’s it costing you?

By May 23, 2017Design, Marketing3 min read

If you’re marketing your own company, you’re not alone; hundreds of businesses take on the responsibility of managing their own marketing to cut costs. But did you know that marketing your own company could actually be costing instead of saving you money? Here’s why:

Your time = money

How much is an hour of your time worth? Think about how much you charge clients per hour, or the potential sales you could make in that window of time. Well, for every hour you spend on marketing, that amount is the knock-on cost to your business. And when you work out that figure over the average week or month, it doesn’t seem so cost-effective after all!

And your time doesn’t just have monetary value. If you’re currently spending your evenings and weekends working on your marketing, what else are you missing out on? Family time? Leisure time? Sometimes ‘free’ does come at a cost.

What AREN’T you achieving?

When work gets hectic, the first thing to drop down your priority list is your marketing. And why wouldn’t it? After all, dealing with customers, processing orders and managing your staff ARE more important in the heat of the moment.

But what cost is that having to your business? Which messages aren’t you getting out there? And how many potential clients are passing you by?

Buy cheap, buy twice

There are plenty of low-cost marketing packages out there, usually from online companies – an ‘off-the-shelf’ product promising all the tools you need to market your business without spending much at all. Aimed at start-ups and SMEs, they’re designed to lure you in at a rock-bottom price. The trouble is, these offers are often too good to be true…

  • You just need the hammer but you buy the whole tool kit. No business is the same, and so no approach to marketing should be the same either. However, these ‘cookie-cutter’ packages are one-size-fits-all, regardless of your needs.

For example, the best thing for your business right now might be a really good website. However, these packages leave you with a whole host of other features you may never use – and that’s not a sound investment!

  • Hidden charges later on. What was that? They sold you the website but didn’t tell you about the ongoing monthly charges? Or the inflated cost every time you need it updated? A lot of these packages have hidden costs, as that’s where the profit lies for the business. Certainly not ideal when you’re trying to save money!
  • You get what you pay for. When the price tag is unbelievably low, the chances are that it’s the quality that’s compromised. And this leaves you either putting up with substandard marketing that does little to attract your customers, or paying again for a better service.

 So what’s the alternative?

Getting in touch with a dedicated marketing company is a great start. At Garda, we treat all of our clients as individuals, because that’s what they are! We learn about you, we identify your aims, and we work within your budget to implement the most valuable strategies for you and your business.

The trouble is, some business owners never look into the costs of outsourcing to a marketing agency. But when you think about how ‘free’ your time really is, wouldn’t it be more useful to spend those hours on your business?

Instead, we’ll work hard on your marketing – saving you headaches, hassle, time and, potentially, money.

Get in touch today with our friendly team to see if we can finally take the pressure of marketing off your hands. After all, surely there are more important things for you to focus on!