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Like a car without any petrol or bacon butty without any sauce, even the smallest marketing idea isn’t going to get anywhere without the skills to set it in motion. At Garda, we work with a number of fantastic clients who come to us with absolutely brilliant marketing ideas but don’t have the skills to deliver them.

After all, not all businesses have the luxury of their own internal marketing department, complete with experienced marketers, designers, photographers and copywriters. This leaves many business owners with inspired marketing ideas, but at a loss as to how to implement them!

Now we’re not saying that a marketing degree is an absolutely essential ingredient in pulling off a marketing campaign. There are plenty of tools, websites and courses out there to put you on the right lines to create a leaflet or brochure, design business cards or even build your own website.

However, the difference in the outcome is often evident in the overall quality – and there’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on marketing which just doesn’t have the edge to stand out against your competitors!

So what are your choices?

Pros Cons

Employ a dedicated marketing team

  • The full suite of skills and knowledge to develop and run your own marketing strategies
  • The cost and obligation of taking on a new team of employees
  • Requires considerable physical office space and costly resources
  • Additional management time needed for new employees

Employ/upskill a dedicated marketing employee

  • Provides a degree of specialist marketing knowledge in your business
  • Cheaper than employing a whole team


  • One employee is unlikely to have the complete skills and ability in all marketing disciplines
  • A big task for one employee to face alone
  • The cost and obligation of taking on a new employee
  • The cost of upskilling an existing employee
Keep on doing it yourself
  • No additional costs of taking on new employees or upskilling existing ones
  • The cheapest option
  • Lacks the specialist knowledge you need to stand out from your competitors
  • Requires additional time which takes you away from running your business
  • Overall quality is compromised
Work with Garda
  • A dedicated and experienced team of experts in all aspects of marketing
  • Professional marketing to show the very best side of your business
  • An ‘external marketing department’ on hand whenever you need us
  • No ongoing overheads and obligations that come with permanent employees
  • No need to invest in costly resources or additional office space
  • Gives you time to focus on your business, not your marketing
  • Although cheaper than in-house marketing, more expensive than DIY marketing

The answer’s pretty clear to us…

So the next time you have a fantastic marketing idea, don’t let it go to waste. Come to Garda and let our experts turn it into something you’ll love.