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Five reasons why good copy is so important

By August 2, 2017Design, Marketing4 min read

“Bad copy writing slows things down; good writing speeds them up,” according to Kenneth Roman. And, as the former CEO of world-famous ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, he should know. Your copy writing really is fundamental in deciding whether your marketing efforts pay off or are just a waste of time.

Unfortunately, however, the crucial words are too easily forgotten.

So why is good copy writing important?

1. If yoo can spel proply & use punctu8on rite ppl wil by you’re stuf!!!!!!

Forgive the heading; it was rather fun to write like that for a change. But there’s something in it. Spelling words correctly and putting your apostrophes in the right place isn’t just about pleasing the pedants out there. It actually creates a much better impression of your company.

If a law firm uses incorrect grammar, how can you trust it’ll handle the finer details of a legal case? If a tutoring company can’t spell correctly, how can you trust them to support your child? If a plasterer hasn’t taken the time to proofread, can you trust them to turn up on time or do the job well?

Don’t give customers an excuse to turn you down for something so simple to rectify.

2. Good copy writing sells

A copywriter’s job is to sell on your behalf. Whether they’re persuading customers to buy your products or making them choose you over your competitors, well-written copy is crucial in boosting sales.

To do this well, the copywriter needs to understand your business, your customers and what makes them tick. After all, good copy isn’t about fancy words or literary flourishes. It’s about connecting with the reader and calling them to action.

3. Good copy makes things easy

One sure-fire way to annoy customers is an unnavigable website. We’ve all been there, unable to decipher what the company does, what it sells, or what on earth we need to do to get to the bottom of things.

This is where good copy works hand-in-hand with good web design, boosting user experience (a.k.a. UX, or simply put, making things easy!). The best web copy is short, simple, easy to follow, and punctuated with headings and bullet points to guide readers.

It doesn’t just apply to websites either. Brochures, leaflets, even short copy on packaging or posters all need to make your customers’ lives easier – in turn, leading to more conversions.

4. Good copy boosts your SEO

Ahh, SEO. That mythical beast which determines whether you make the hallowed first page of Google or are banished to the depths of Page 14. There’s conflicting information out there on the best SEO strategies, but all agree good copy helps.

  • Properly placed copy improves your ranking for relevant keywords, so pay attention to headings, subtitles, first paragraphs and keyword density.
  • Google is like Goldilocks. It likes copy that’s not too short, not too long, but is just right.
  • Original copy is good copy, and Google loves nothing more. Pinching copy from someone else isn’t just legally and morally questionable – it also damages your search rankings. Invest in original content you (and Google) will love instead!

5. Good copy gets shared

Every time you enjoy something you read, you’re more likely to share it with others, creating a backlink to the original site. Now, this goes back to the last point, as backlinks can help boost SEO. More importantly, though, that link is read by more and more people.

This means that, if you have great marketing copy, your readers are more likely to share it. From there, it may be shared again (whether that’s online or physically) and every time it is, your brand awareness and potential customer base grow – all at no cost to you!

Ultimately, if you don’t really care about the words, your customers won’t either. But with just a bit of love and attention, your copy can do all this. It’s all rather simple, isn’t it?

Could your copy do with some TLC? Easy-to-read websites, compelling brochures, shareable blog posts, even style guides – let us give your business the copy to get ahead.