The Client

Brown & Carroll (learn more)

The Purpose

To showcase the company’s excellent work with its apprentices

The Aims

To strengthen the company’s position in winning client tenders and attract talented applicants to train with Brown & Carroll.

Services Provided


 Copy writing

 Project management


 Print management

The background

Having worked with Brown & Carroll since 2010, we’ve developed an excellent understanding of its work and many strengths – one of which is its outstanding training opportunities. When Brown & Carroll wanted to set itself even further apart in the eyes of prospective clients, we knew a standalone brochure showcasing its excellent apprenticeships would do just that. How did we know? Well, we took the time to learn what the tender process entails, what prospective clients are looking for, and how this little-known strength could be used to Brown & Carroll’s advantage. Brown & Carroll loved the idea, so we set about planning, designing, creating and producing a brochure to add even more credit to this company’s outstanding reputation.

The Process

Step 1: We worked with the company to determine what this brochure should achieve and how it would be used.

Step 2: We interviewed current and past apprentices at Brown & Carroll’s factory and on site in London.

Step 3: Our photographer captured apprentices in action, creating authentic imagery for the brochure.

Step 4: Our copywriter wrote the content using the apprentice interviews and consultations with senior staff.

Step 5: Our designer created a range of design options, implementing the company’s preferred changes for the final proof.

Step 6: We organised a print run and delivered the finished copies to Brown & Carroll, ready for use right away.

In short, we took Brown & Carroll’s initial problem and provided the entire solution, with minimal demand on the company itself. And that, to us, is the essence of an excellent client relationship