The Client

TWO Services (learn more)

The Purpose

To increase brand awareness

The Aims

To raise their profile with a wider audience and promote their complete range of commercial kitchen cleaning, maintenance and ductwork services.

To cement TWO’s reputation as an expert and establish them as market leader in their field.

To combat competition, generate more business and increase sales.

Services Provided


Campaign planning

Project management

Design and artwork

Digital collateral


Copy writing

The background

After working with TWO for some time, we identified the need for a strategic advertising campaign. TWO had successfully been in business for nearly 30 years, having built a solid reputation and wealth of expertise. However a lack of advertising meant they were slipping off the radar, the market was moving on and growth was stagnating. In order to generate the sales required to hit their 5 year plan target, we recommended taking their brand to a new and wider audience, establishing themselves as industry experts via a coordinated advertising and content marketing campaign.

Now, thanks to three years of consistent marketing, TWO are reaping the rewards. Business is booming, profits are up and they have won a Build Magazine Facilities Management award, two years in a row. What’s more, they’ve solved their recruitment problem after becoming a desirable employer for the best catering engineers in the market. And with this year’s planned campaign reaching a wider audience than ever before, the future looks bright for TWO.

The Process

Step 1: We carried out research to find a range of suitable print and digital publications that target TWO’s commercial kitchen and catering target market.

Step 2: We produce an annual advertising campaign proposal with a mix of print and digital advertising options, and subsequently negotiate with the various publications to secure deals within an agreed budget.

Step 3: Our designer creates a range of print adverts and digital collateral such as web banners, for use in campaigns.

Step 4: Our copy writer creates a library of expert commentary that is fed into the editorials that we advertise alongside.

Step 5: We regularly interview TWO catering engineers and cleaning managers to get a deeper understanding of the topical issues facing the market and identify a series of content to create.

Step 6: We continue to create fresh articles and features on a range of topics that are published on industry websites and in trade publications, as part of our content marketing strategy.