The Client

The James Hornsby School

The Purpose

To advertise The James Hornsby School’s open evenings

The Aims

To increase attendance at school open evenings

To encourage prospective students to apply to The James Hornsby School

To enhance the school’s reputation in the local area

To showcase the school’s new branding

Services Provided


Advertising and PR



The background

When we began working with The James Hornsby School, we realised that its many excellent qualities weren’t conveyed well enough to the local community – and most importantly, to prospective students and parents.

Having created exciting new branding for The James Hornsby School, this was an opportunity to showcase it, increasing brand awareness in the local community through a well-designed, carefully planned and perfectly executed campaign.

The Process

Step 1: We consulted with the head teacher to analyse the school’s current approach to advertising open evenings and to identify scope for improvement.

Step 2: With the school having already booked billboard advertising, bus rears, print advertising, editorial writing, banners and train station posters, we then set about creating clear, engaging content and eye-catching imagery – incorporating the school’s new branding.

Step 3: Our designer then developed a series of designs for the head teacher to select his preference.

Step 4: Following approval, the final designs were ready for exhibiting at various high-profile locations throughout the local area.

With our assistance, this campaign really made The James Hornsby School stand out from the crowd.