The Client

A1 Bacon (learn more)

The Purpose

To produce updated product photography for this client’s marketing materials.

The Aims

To replace unappealing product photos as part of a website redesign

To win customers round with appealing and appetising images

Services Provided


Art direction

Project management

The background

Unappealing photos of raw bacon do little to win a customer over. Unfortunately, that’s all A1 Bacon had to use when they asked us to redesign their website.

What they needed instead was a range of photos that looked so good, you could almost smell the bacon – or better still, taste it!

So that’s why we co-ordinated a photoshoot, managing the whole process from start to finish, in a bid to really sell the sizzle.

The Process

Step 1: We sourced a studio kitchen in London, a chef to cook up some tempting bacon dishes and a photographer to capture sensational images.

Step 2: Bacon butties assembled and rashers cooked to perfection, we art directed the shoot – using lighting, backdrops and over 100 props – to get the most out of every photo.

Step 3: Our photographer selected the best images from the day for approval, with the client’s favourites incorporated into the new website and other marketing materials.

Who can say no to bacon that looks this good? As A1 Bacon found, with the right location, skills and direction, we can create stunning photography to present any product at its very best.