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Time for honesty now. When was the last time you felt excited about your company’s marketing? When did a new strategy leave you motivated, enthusiastic and energised?

How long since you felt that bubble of pride as you saw your company name printed on a new piece of marketing collateral? If it’s been a while, it’s time to fall in love with your marketing agai

There could be any number of reasons why your relationship with your company’s marketing has gone stale you:

  • Feel your marketing has become a burden – a ‘must do’, rather than a ‘want to do’
  • Have run out of fresh ideas
  • Don’t have the time for brainstorming, refining and producing exciting new material
  • Had an exciting campaign a while ago, but now, with reprint after reprint, the shine’s worn off
  • Don’t have the knowledge or expertise in newer digital channels, and feel like your marketing’s been left behind
  • And so on…

We meet businesses who have lost the love for their marketing time and again, so we completely understand how and why it happens. We also know that some business owners even come to resent their marketing, spending money on campaigns they just don’t have the spark for anymore.

So what can you do to get that spark back? Here are some ways to get excited about your company’s marketing again!

Shift your focus from ‘obligation’ to ‘connection’

Take a moment to think about why you’re marketing your business. Is it because it’s simply something businesses need to do, wedged on the checklist between payroll and your VAT return?

Instead, think of marketing as an opportunity to truly connect with your customers and add value to their lives. Your products or services are designed to help your clients, to make their lives easier or their businesses more successful – and marketing is your way of letting them know your company is ready to inspire and serve them.

Take a look at what’s changed – and see it as an opportunity

If relentless changes in technology have left you feeling lacklustre about marketing, it’s time to turn the negative into a positive and see what exciting opportunities are now out there. After all, there’s nothing like learning new things to get us all fired up again!

For example, if social media leaves you baffled, don’t turn a blind eye to the whole thing. Take a moment to learn the difference between the many platforms around today, think about which ones could work for your business (seeing the ones your competitors are using may be a good place to start!) and begin to build from there. The trick is learning in small doses – not to try and take it all on at once.

Freshen things up

You know that feeling when you decorate a new room, get a new hairstyle or purchase a new car? Freshening things up with your marketing is a great way to reignite the spark and look to the future with new eyes.

Maybe a rebrand to bring your company up to date, a new brochure to launch your latest services or products, or a mobile-friendly website to keep you completely on top of the times is just what you need to leave you feeling enthusiastic and motivated again!

Be bold

If the same old marketing has left you feeling uninspired, it’s time to try something new – and sometimes this requires a bit of courage. Thinking outside the box and approaching your customers from a different angle is a sure-fire way to excite you. What’s more, it’s much more likely to leave your customers excited too!

So what would you rather do? Continue viewing your marketing as a necessary evil and feeling demotivated every time you come to it? Or changing things up, reigniting that spark and getting the excitement back again?

At Garda, we’re ready to help you reset your marketing mind set. Get in touch today to get started: 01702 343203.