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So, you’ve got your marketing objectives identified and your marketing plan ready to go. You’ve got the website, you’ve got your brand guidelines, you’ve got the blog all set up and running.

You’re a walking lesson in Marketing 101 and you’re finally feeling in control of this marketing malarkey. Well done! You’re a Star Pupil and you’ve got a lot further than most!

“So what now?” you’re probably thinking. “How can I ramp it up a notch?”

Firstly, can we just say how much we love people like you?

And secondly, hold on to your hat, because here come four fool-proof ways to help you take your marketing to the next level!

1. Be more consistent
2. Be more targeted
3. Always have an angle
4. Be relevant

Be more consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing – but it’s also one of the first things we lose over time. A marketing plan is only effective as long as you choose to follow it. Brand guidelines are only as useful as long as you choose to implement them.

What makes great marketing is consistency, both in terms of frequency and style. And if you feel yours slipping at any point – perhaps an unwritten blogpost here or a less-than-on-brand brochure there – you need to stop and get it back before you descend a slippery slope.

So how can you avoid this? Ultimately, it comes down to discipline, but a few further tips include:
• Share marketing tasks out to other team members to avoid becoming overloaded yourself
• Use visual reminders: A calendar or whiteboard with key dates and strategies works a treat
• Use shared calendar/phone reminders as additional prompts
• Undertake regular reviews of your marketing to ensure standards haven’t slipped
• Outsource to an agency like Garda who’ll do all of this for you!

Be more targeted

Remember, your marketing needs to target your whole customer base at any one time. Although it might seems easier to stick to one-size-fits-all strategies, it’s not always the most effective move

Depending on your goals, you could group your customers into different categories and target them with specific campaigns. Let’s use e-shots as an example:

  • For your most regular customers: a ‘Thank you’ e-shot, with special offers to thank them for their loyalty
  • For past customers who you’ve not heard from in a while: a ‘We’ve missed you’ e-shot, or one detailing updates of new services/products in the time they’ve been away
  • For new customers: A ‘How did we do?’ e-shot, or something to introduce further services/products/information they might not know about you yet
  • For prospective customers: A ‘Give us a try’ e-shot designed to introduce your company and tempt them in

Of course, this kind of marketing takes time and effort – but it’s worth it for the returns. After all, what are you more likely to respond to as a customer? Something generic which could be for anybody? Or something which speaks directly to you?

Always have an angle when making contact

Every e-shot, every blog post, every flyer, every postcard, every social media post must have an angle. It’s not enough to just tell your customers about your latest product or service. If it’s going to make an impact, they need to be at the centre of it– not you or your business.

So what are some common, but effective, angles you can try?

  • Your product/service is a solution: Highlight a common problem the customer might have, then explain how you can solve it
  • Ease of use: No customer likes added hassle. Explain why doing business with you is easy, or how your product makes their lives easier.
  • Benefits, not features: Don’t just tell them about your product or service. Customers want to hear about the benefits it’ll bring to their lives.

Be relevant

Relevance is another one of those words we’ve heard banded about more and more in recent years, but what exactly does it mean? Well, ultimately, it’s the act of striking an emotional connection with your customer. Your customer should feel like your marketing is speaking directly to them, helping them to build up that emotional bond with your business.

It’s no surprise that having an angle lends itself to relevant marketing, but it goes beyond the copy. The images you use, the overall design, the channel itself can all combine to strike a particular chord with your target.

Still wondering what this means? Think of a piece of marketing which hit a personal or emotional note with you recently. It might have been an advert on the tube, on TV or in the newspaper. It might have been a blog or a social media post. We’re looking for something that made you feel as if it was made just with you in mind.

Of course, it wasn’t made just for you. It was made for all people like you – the company’s target market. But by being relevant in their marketing, the company achieved that Holy Grail: you identified with their message, related to their message and maybe even acted on their message.

So where could these tips take your marketing? Give them a try and see! Or better still, why not get us on board to help?

Our team of experts are ready on hand with a range of ways to take your marketing to the next level. You just have to get in touch to get started.