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At Garda, we’ve been helping businesses to grow with creative marketing and design support since 2002.

Understanding you, your aims, your customers and competition is part and parcel of what we do. And ultimately, this results in more effective, more valuable and more efficient marketing.

Whether you want to drive sales, lift your current marketing to the next level, or you’re starting out from scratch, we’re here with the strategies to get you there – each tailored to your budget without compromising on style or substance.

If you want a proactive marketing agency that will work hard to get under the skin of your business, we would love to hear from you.

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[info_list_father connector_h=”20″][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”65″ height=”65″ titleclr=”” icon=”fa fa-users” iconclr=”#ff0080″ title=”We’re on your side” lineheight=”1″]We take the time to really understand you, your aims and your customers. We’ll get under the skin of your business by asking intelligent questions. That’s the first step in a successful marketing partnership.

[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”65″ height=”65″ titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fa fa-rocket” iconclr=”#ff0080″ title=”We’re proactive”]We’ll drive your marketing forward, we’ll make you think, and we’ll put your business’ interests at the centre of all we do.

[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”65″ height=”65″ titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fa fa-cogs” iconclr=”#ff0080″ title=”Services tailored to you”]As a full-service agency, you can call on us for one-off projects or even think of us as your external marketing department.

[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”65″ height=”65″ titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fa fa-clock-o” iconclr=”#ff0080″ title=”We’re experienced”]With over 100 combined years’ experience in our expert team, we know how to get the best from your marketing, whatever your aims or budget.

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Solid foundations

Garda are strongly suited to the construction sector. With a wealth of experience behind us we are already one step ahead when it comes to building upon your brand. Extensive knowledge of the sector helps us to help you get back to what you do best, running your business. Industry insight also means we are savvy to project processes, bid presentations, advertising & PR.

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As a full-service agency, lots of our clients call on us for one-off projects or even think of us as their external marketing department. Whatever you need, you can rely on a bespoke approach that is totally unique to your business. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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