Advertising and PR services from Garda

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Garda’s team write editorial features and advertising content that really tell the story of your brand. We add value to your business by copywriting, finding images, creating artwork and really getting to the heart of your company by telling the stories that matter to you.

TWO Services commercial cleaning and maintenance company is just one of our clients that have several high-profile articles in trade magazines.

As well as being cost effective, PR will build your company’s reputation and attract customers, potential business partners and even new employees.

Are you telling your business’ story? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Is your website scaring customers away?

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Let’s face it, the first thing potential customers do during the buying process, is to check out a company’s website. Even if you don’t sell your services online, your website is your shop window. With just a few seconds to make a good impression, how do you feel about yours? Does it fill you with horror and give you nightmares? Do you get chills just looking at it? Read More

Is your marketing joined up?

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The number of potential marketing methods for your business seems endless, each one a golden opportunity to develop great relationships with your customers. However, without a joined-up approach, you risk the opposite: confusing them or, even worse, alienating them!

So what do we mean by joined-up marketing? Well, put simply, it’s ensuring that every element of your marketing ties together and works to achieve the same goal. It’s about visual and tonal consistency to reinforce your overall brand. And it’s about avoiding a ‘patchwork’ approach – such as putting all your efforts into social media one month, only to drop it the next.

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Four steps to a great website

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However you feel about the digital revolution, one thing’s for sure: every business needs a website.

Not only do customers expect you to have an online presence, your website is an invaluable tool for communicating who you are and what you do. It’s where you can showcase your best work and encourage prospects to contact you. But how do you go about it?

To help, we’ve boiled the process down to four simple steps, so you know everything that goes into a great website!

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Template or Bespoke?

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Whether creating a website for a new business or refreshing an existing site, there are various options to consider – not least the cost. At Garda we offer a solution for most budgets and tailor our approach to suit your timescales and pocket. Read More

Making that extra mile count

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At Garda we pride ourselves on working hard to understand our clients and their commercial challenges. We believe that in order to produce our best work and help our clients succeed, we must immerse ourselves in their world. So we were recently delighted to receive a glowing testimonial from Tekne’s MD, Edd Sevestre, validating our approach and the resulting website we produced for them.

“We approached several companies but it was Garda who impressed us the most. They travelled miles to see us and spent hours talking to our workers to better understand our business.

Garda were very patient with us, guided through every stage, understood what we needed and were able to translate it into a polished and professional website. They certainly went the extra mile.

Our website is very successful in attracting new enquiries and we cannot thank the team enough. ’

We now print Tekne’s brochures and continue to help them win new business. It just goes to show the value of taking the time to listen and understand the realities of each client’s situation. Does your agency go the extra mile for you?

If a job’s worth doing…

By | News, Web’s worth doing well. So thought the MD of fit out firm Tekne, one of the UK’s leading specialist joinery firms. Disappointed with the outcome of his recently redesigned website, and prepared to go back to the drawing board, he contacted Garda after admiring a website that we had produced for a similar business.

We proceeded to do what we do best by producing a key message audit that helped us get to the heart of what was important and special about Tekne and their work with some very high profile clients. Read More

A website worth drooling over

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These days not having a website is unimaginable for most companies, let alone one that leads the field in their sector. However specialist tomato, pepper and cucumber grower Glinwell Plc, had gotten along fine without one for over forty years, while building an amazingly successful business supplying premium quality produce to one of the world’s leading supermarket brands.

However when it came to taking the company to the next level, Glinwell decided that it was time to develop a quality website that was every bit as classy as their produce. Garda were tasked with creating, building and writing the site, refreshing the brand identity and arranging stunning photography. Read More