The Power of Print: Printing Press in action

The power of print: how we helped Southend Care make an impact

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Since it was created in 2017, Southend Care has delivered outstanding care and support services to many of the most vulnerable citizens in Southend-on-Sea.

From residential care and supported living to complex reablement and day services, the company – which is wholly owned by Southend Borough Council – has a vision to be the first organisation people local turn to for care and support services.

Because Southend Care now delivers a whole host of services that were once provided by the council, it’s important to make people aware of this. It’s also essential for them to communicate the impact their work has, giving stakeholders confidence that all services are delivered by expert hands and forward-looking minds.

To help achieve this, Southend Care wanted to create and publish a dedicated impact report. Being a young company, it hadn’t produced one before – so the team turned to Garda for help.

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Print marketing isn't dead, letterpress

Print marketing isn’t dead – it’s your secret weapon

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If you were in business before the internet took off, you’ll remember how much of your marketing made it into print.

From brochures, flyers and banners through to posters, media ads, exhibition stands and even beer mats – printed materials were the mainstay of promoting your business, products and services.

These days, the web has opened up a wealth of new marketing opportunities. You can run targeted ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. You can tap your phone on someone else’s to exchange an electronic business card. You can run complex inbound marketing campaigns to drive sales and build up your mailing lists. Add to this your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, your website and blog – these, and more, give you a whole range of effective marketing channels that are often cheaper than print.

It’s a mistake, though, to think that print marketing is dead. Far from it. As recently as 2017, the UK was still the world’s fifth-largest producer of print products and the industry had a turnover of £13.8 billion. There’s still a huge demand to keep those presses in action! Read More

TWO Services Advertising news item

Advertising and PR services from Garda

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Garda’s team write editorial features and advertising content that really tell the story of your brand. We add value to your business by copywriting, finding images, and creating artwork. What’s more, we really get to the heart of your company by telling the stories that matter to you.

TWO Services commercial cleaning company is just one of our clients that have several high-profile articles in trade magazines.

In addition, PR and advertising will build your company’s reputation, attract customers, and even new employees.

Are you telling your business’ story? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Tony with Take the Stage UK's Amy Burrows Cliffs Pavilion

Successful Encore for Take the Stage UK

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On July 8th dance and performing arts schools from across Essex took part in the second fantastic show from Take the Stage UK, held at the Cliffs Pavilion.

Garda were delighted to have played a part in making this a success. Overall, we provided a full package of promotional marketing, encompassing branding, website, advertising, social media, stationery and the event programme.

This showcase has become an anticipated annual event, with the next one to take place on Saturday 6th July 2019.  So, we look forward to continuing to work with Take the Stage to ensure another sell-out show.

To see some of our work for Take The Stage UK click here.


Tangible ways to keep in touch

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In a world obsessed with digital marketing and online campaigns we have been busy with print and branded promotional. Items such as pens, USB sticks, diaries, calendars and pads are making a bit of a comeback as businesses realise the importance of keeping in touch with their customers and managing existing customer relationships.

While digital marketing and email communications are important, something tangible will help you stand out. You’ll cut through the digital noise and bypass the clutter of an overflowing inbox. Read More

Crafted with care

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A picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of Brown & Carroll Living, the best way to showcase their craftsmanship to clients, was to create dedicated Project Profiles. We designed these 4-page A4 inserts to summarise the project, and showcase the stunning images of residential interiors. From aristocratic penthouses, to the 2012 Athlete’s Village, they have an impressive portfolio to draw from. Read More