Online presence: Why it’s so important for your brand

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Why does your business need an online presence? Because if people can’t find you online, they’ll look for an alternative. And, as we’ve seen, external factors can cause physical business locations to temporarily close. But online, your business is open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We explain what online presence means, why it’s so important for your brand and how to improve it.

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Top 10 proofreading tips

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Now, more than ever, people are reading about you rather than hearing it from the horse’s mouth. If what they’re reading is clumsy and full of mistakes, it could put them off. Don’t underestimate the power of good copy. Here are our top-10 proofreading tips.

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Marketing in uncertain times

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A global pandemic can certainly be considered an uncertain time. And as the initial lockdown eases for many businesses, how should you adapt your marketing? In uncertain times, can you go back to your usual marketing strategy or do your clients need something different? We’ve outlined some suggestions below for marketing in uncertain times.

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Why your marketing strategy needs to adapt

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We can’t ignore our new normal. And it would be naïve to think things will go back to how they were overnight. To keep your business going (and hopefully growing), it’s time to adapt. This might mean changing your marketing strategy. Is it a reflection of the current landscape?

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Optimising your website for mobile devices

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As we’re at home much more than we used to be, we are increasingly accessing information online. So, optimising your website for mobile devices is more important than ever to maintain user interaction. And with Brits spending on average, 2 hours and 34 minutes online on their smartphones every day, it makes good business sense even after a global pandemic (source ONS).

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More than just a website

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We work hard to get under the skin of your company and having the time to get to know you is important to us. However, after meeting Redbrooks’ new Managing Director on the 12 December 2019, we delivered a rebrand, new photography and a new website in just eight weeks.

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The Power of Print: Printing Press in action

The power of print: how we helped Southend Care make an impact

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Since it was created in 2017, Southend Care has delivered outstanding care and support services to many of the most vulnerable citizens in Southend-on-Sea.

From residential care and supported living to complex reablement and day services, the company – which is wholly owned by Southend Borough Council – has a vision to be the first organisation people local turn to for care and support services. Read More

Lady trying to sell false teeth. Retro black and white image

What does your branding say about you?

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“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest is just a lot of noise.” So said Geoffrey Zakarian, chef-turned-restaurateur-turned-TV-host.

There’s some truth in what he says. Getting your brand right is an essential foundation for your whole marketing strategy – but how do you ‘get it right’? What is your brand? What should it achieve? And what does yours say about your business at this point in time?

If you’ve not spent much time thinking about your brand recently (in amongst everything else on your to-do list!), take this blogpost as a little nudge to do so. We’ll talk you through it step by step, and in a few minutes’ time, you’ll know whether your brand is working for you, against you, or just not doing much at all!

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TWO Services Advertising news item

Advertising and PR services from Garda

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Garda’s team write editorial features and advertising content that really tell the story of your brand. We add value to your business by copywriting, finding images, and creating artwork. What’s more, we really get to the heart of your company by telling the stories that matter to you.

TWO Services commercial cleaning company is just one of our clients that have several high-profile articles in trade magazines.

In addition, PR and advertising will build your company’s reputation, attract customers, and even new employees.

Are you telling your business’ story? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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