Online presence: Why it’s so important for your brand

By 22nd April 2021 Design, Marketing, Web

Why does your business need an online presence? Because if people can’t find you online, they’ll look for an alternative. And, as we’ve seen, external factors can cause physical business locations to temporarily close. But online, your business is open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We explain what online presence means, why it’s so important for your brand and how to improve it.

What does online presence mean?

You might think that online presence is all about having a website. But, it’s actually about how your business represents itself digitally. With a growing number of online channels, your online presence is your website, social media, email and your digital marketing materials.

The elements of good online presence

As we said, it’s not just about the website, although this is crucial. You’ll also need to focus on creating good content for your digital channels, and being seen where your customers are. Our dependence on digital continues to grow, so not being visible isn’t an option.

A good website

Your website is your shop window. It’s there working for you 24 hours a day. And it is an invaluable tool for communicating who you are and what you do. A badly designed website can certainly put people off, as well as a website that doesn’t work on a mobile phone. Think about good design, clear and concise copy and genuine professional photography.

Email marketing

Having a useable email contact list is a great marketing tool. Your contacts may have bought from you before, signed up to a newsletter or asked for more information about your products and services. Email marketing can include:

  • Industry news
  • Tips & tricks
  • Information on new products or services
  • Discounts and offers
  • Events

It’s a great opportunity to communicate with customers and potential customers. Just remember to provide an unsubscribe link.

Social media

Social media platforms are a great way to build a community of potential customers. People may find you on LinkedIn, for example, long before they would have otherwise found your business. It’s a way to share existing content with an additional network.

Remember, post often, use images and or video, and be sociable. Don’t just post your content, comment and share other people’s posts too.

Online brochures

These are fantastic for showcasing your products and services. Heavily focused on imagery, they are very user friendly and portable. They will give you a professional look that customers trust.


Writing regular blogs will keep your website current. They can inform your customers and potential customers of industry news and your expertise. They are also brilliant for demonstrating new products or services. You can use it to help customers solve a problem and provide them with top tips.

It should be part of your marketing strategy

A strong online presence is an important component of your marketing strategy. So, it deserves an investment of both time and money.

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