How to celebrate your company’s anniversary and win new business

By 23rd May 2019 Marketing
Company Anniversary Balloons

In Britain, we’ve a habit of being a bit shy about our birthdays.

As the big day approaches, people start asking us questions like:

“What are you up to for your birthday?”

“Can I get you a present? Is there anything you’d like?”

“Are you having a party this year?”

The answers to these tend to be something along the lines of:

“Oh, nothing special.”

“That’s very kind, but no.”

“No, I don’t want to make a fuss.”

For some reason, we have this ingrained idea that there’s something ‘un-British’ about making a big deal of our own birthdays. Which is odd, because most of us love celebrating other people’s and making a big fuss of them.

Sometimes this reticence spills over into the business world. It’s a shame, especially as only four in ten new businesses survive until their fifth anniversary. If yours has, it’s clearly a reason for celebration! And if you’ve reached 10, 20, 50, 100 or more years in business, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell the world what you can offer and that you’re here to stay.

So, if you have a company birthday coming up, why not swallow your British shyness and use the occasion to win yourself some new business?

Sound good? Here are some ideas for getting the word out to new customers and clients.

Create an anniversary logo 

Designing a special anniversary logo is a really effective way of reaching lots of people. You can use it on your stationery, website, social media profiles, adverts and in lots of other places. We recently created a 100th anniversary logo for property specialists, Sorrell, which has already reached thousands of new people.

Throw a party 

This is a great opportunity to thank your best customers or clients and to invite potential new ones. One of the best events of this kind I’ve attended was a 30th anniversary bash for a professional firm. Held at the British Museum, the company asked a couple of its celebrity clients to speak and really impressed those who attended. The event wasn’t cheap, but it resulted in some very profitable new business relationships.

Make the most of your story 

The longer you’ve been around, the more your story will resonate with different age groups. We created a media campaign for one of our clients, sending out press releases that focused on interesting things that had happened to the company over the decades. The result – lots of valuable full-page articles in the local and trade press.

Don’t neglect advertising either. Using newspaper, radio, billboard and online adverts is a great way to promote your services – and the anniversary message will emphasise that you’re a successful company that people can rely on for decades to come. You can even create a short history of your business to send to clients and prospects.

Get people talking online 

Use all your social media channels to share interesting facts and images about your company. Post old pictures on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, plus fun stories about how you got established and began to thrive. Be as creative as you can – if you have group photos, ask your followers if they can identify who’s in the pictures. You could even run a special anniversary competition to get people really engaged.

Be prepared 

There’s so much more you can do to reach people with your anniversary message, but the key to it all is to be prepared. The year before your company’s birthday, plan how you want to market the event and who you want to reach. That way, all the different parts of your campaign will work together much better and have much more power to win you new business.

Of course, if you’d like a helping hand in getting ready, the Garda team is here for you. We’ve helped many businesses spread the good news about their milestones – and we promise you that, when it comes to making a big fuss about your company’s birthday, you won’t get any British reticence from us!