What does your branding say about you?

By 12th December 2018 Design, Marketing, Web
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“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest is just a lot of noise.” So said Geoffrey Zakarian, chef-turned-restaurateur-turned-TV-host.

There’s some truth in what he says. Getting your brand right is an essential foundation for your whole marketing strategy – but how do you ‘get it right’? What is your brand? What should it achieve? And what does yours say about your business at this point in time?

If you’ve not spent much time thinking about your brand recently (in amongst everything else on your to-do list!), take this blogpost as a little nudge to do so. We’ll talk you through it step by step, and in a few minutes’ time, you’ll know whether your brand is working for you, against you, or just not doing much at all!

How to do it
Firstly, grab yourself a pencil and a piece of paper, and write down all the words you would associate with your business. How do you want others to perceive it? What adjectives would you use to describe it? Write them all down now.

Now, take a second piece of paper. It’s time to reflect on your branding, and we want you to be truly honest. If you’ve been involved with your branding from the start, this next step can be tricky, so it might be worth sitting down with someone less attached for this part.

If you need to, pull up your company logo on your screen or fish around for your business card. Have it in front of you before you start.

We need you to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer who’s never heard of your business before. They’ve just seen this logo or business card for the first time.

What would they think? What words would spring to mind? Would they know what business you’re in? Would they think you’re expensive? Or cheap? What does your strapline tell them about your company? Who are you trying to appeal to? Are you established? New? Trendy? Old-fashioned? Sophisticated? Luxurious? Down-to-earth? Practical? Friendly? Exclusive? Dull?

Write down everything that springs to mind. Once you’re finished, read back through everything you’ve come up with.

Does this sound like your company? Is this the image you want to convey?

If it’s not, it could be time to think about a rebrand.

You’re not alone!
Rebranding is a process many companies go through over time – often more than once! And it’s perfectly normal for any business which has been established for some time.

After all, your company today isn’t necessarily the same as when it was started. You might now appeal to different targets, offer new services or even specialise in something entirely different.

Maybe the branding you began with suited you back then, but now it’s time for something new (like your first car – it was great when you were learning, but would you really want to drive it your whole life long?).

Or it could well be that your branding has simply never said the right things about your company. In which case, it’s time to change it – pronto!

Luckily, at Garda, we’re experts in all things branding, having worked with a host of companies to get their branding right. From colour palettes, to logos, to fonts, to tone, we’ll make sure your branding says what it should about your company.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat to find out more.