Does your business suffer from these four problems?

By 13th September 2017 Design, Marketing
Marketing Review

Take a look at these signs below… If any sound familiar, a marketing review may be for you:

  • You have a website, but it doesn’t show your business at its best
  • You struggle winning tenders, even though your company could deliver the goods
  • Your branding was on trend once, but now looks outdated compared to your competitors’
  • You know there are inconsistencies across your marketing, but you don’t have the time to review them yourself

You know how things are when it comes to your business. Sometimes, you’re so involved, it can be hard to stand back and see everything from an outsider’s perspective.

And that includes your marketing.

When our heads are so wrapped up in our work, we may not realise the messages we put out there are not the ones we want our customers to receive. Even worse, we may be blissfully unaware that all our well-intended efforts are not actually getting through to any new customers at all!

Help is at hand, though. At Garda, we offer a no-obligation review of your marketing, from an analysis of your website (and how well it’s working for you), to a critique of all your marketing collateral.

What’s in it for you?

Our friendly, expert marketing team has over 50 years’ combined experience, which we’re ready to share with you. And as well as knowing our stuff, there are a few more things we promise along the way!

  • Our feedback will always be supportive and constructive
  • We’ll suggest alternative strategies that could get you the results you want
  • We’ll explain everything in simple terms (bamboozling you with marketing jargon is really not our style!)
  • There’s no obligation to work with us in the end

In short, our marketing review will be positive, clear and practical – and whether you want to continue working with us afterwards is completely your choice.

We’re also flexible in terms of exactly what you want our experts to review. From analysing one aspect of your marketing to a comprehensive evaluation of it all, our services can be completely tailored to you – meaning your investment goes as far as it can.

So why not get started right now, and let us see your marketing through your customers’ eyes? It could be the start of great things for your business.