Don’t Be An Avocado: 5 Reasons It Pays to Pay for Marketing

By 2nd September 2016 Design, Marketing

Businesses are costly things. It’s understandable that after putting your life’s savings, a lot of sweat and maybe a few tears into your new venture, you might be tempted to scrimp on the marketing and design, or put it on the ‘List Of Things To Do When We’re A Bit More Established.’ At Garda, we understand that for smaller companies, the idea of shelling out for a marketing agency can seem daunting; an unnecessary overhead that could be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps you don’t feel marketing is right for you at all – lots of start-ups decide to rely on word of mouth, forgetting that at some point they might want their company to evolve into something bigger. In 2016, however, just putting ‘something’ out there won’t cut it; consumers want slick, easy to use websites and contemporary branding, and with so much choice out there, the right marketing can really show off your USP. There are so many reasons a marketing and design agency can boost both your consumer understanding and, most importantly, your profit margins, so we’ve rounded up five of the best.

1. No One Wants To Talk To Themselves

And that’s exactly what businesses can fall victim to when they attempt in-house marketing. By writing your own copy, you run the risk of forgetting the consumer exists at all, because what you tell them isn’t what they want to hear – it’s what matters to you. They’re not interested in the technical jargon; they want to know what’s in it for them. Your product can fill a void or solve a problem for them? Great, they’re all over it. How can it do that and how have your years of dedicated enterprise led you to this point? They start to switch off, and you don’t want to be the person who drones on at the dinner party. We can channel your knowledge and enthusiasm and filter it into something that draws consumers in, rather than turning them off.

2. Avocadoes Can’t Last Forever

Tastes change, and whilst last year it may have been all about the cereal café, this year it’s all avocado on toast. What does this have to do with your business? The answer is simple – in this digital world, trends move faster than ever. Fads in every industry have become passé before you’ve even had a chance to google the ‘cronut’, so your brand identity needs to feel constantly current. Your speciality is creating great products or providing a brilliant service, and whilst you may have built up a faithful consumer group who keep coming back, it can be hard to reach out to new audiences without staying abreast of the latest in design. Your website is your shop front, and you don’t want anyone walking straight past because it looks due a visit from Mary Portas. A creative marketing agency will have their finger firmly on the pulse of what’s in style and will be able to give you first rate insight into how to keep YOUR business branding in line with consumer’s current expectations.

3.Your Business Is Better Than ‘Pants Man’

We’ve all seen The Apprentice, where some hapless trio in suits ask a focus group of two people whether they’re onto a winner with a Seventies tinged novelty brand name. Your business deserves REAL market research, and most importantly, genuine competitor analysis. Whether you’re a smaller business or an international conglomerate, an audit into both your target market and your rivals is vital, and this is where a marketing agency like Garda can step in to give you invaluable insight. YOU know how great you are at what you do, but potential customers won’t, unless you find an engaging way to connect with them. Garda Design can mine the marketing strategies of similar companies to find what works, what’s missing, and what you could use to push yourself ahead of the crowd, whether it’s through a quirky social media account or a sparky ad campaign.

4. We Need Some Space

It’s impossible to be too objective about a business. Those who are completely detached from it are those who are arguably most important – potential customers. Maybe a lacklustre coffee break Google leads them to your site; maybe they’re semi interested in buying your product with their Christmas bonus, but whatever, they’re not too fussed either way if it’s you or someone else. And what’s for definite is that if your site puts them off, they’re not going to send you a friendly email listing ways you could have retained their custom. A design and marketing agency can fulfil the role of potential buyer, objectively viewing your brand through fresh eyes, and finding enticing assets along the way – your approachability? Your product knowledge? The fact you’re a local, family run enterprise? Emphasise that; make it the philosophy of your business. Garda can help you find a niche to claim and dominate, and ensure it’s the focal point of your brand.

5. The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, with even the smallest investment into your marketing and design, you should see a healthy improvement in your sales. Marketing agencies aren’t just for major retailers – they can be instrumental in helping small to medium sized businesses fulfil their potential; the cost doesn’t have to be astronomical, and you WILL see a return on that investment. 80% of UK internet users shop online, but a Real Business survey found that 59% would instantly dismiss a website with a single grammatical error, proving that as a consumer base we really have lost patience with anything less than perfection. Your unique business doesn’t deserve to lose out on profit because you don’t have the time or the means to keep it current.

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