Tangible ways to keep in touch

By 13th December 2015 Marketing, Print

In a world obsessed with digital marketing and online campaigns we have been busy with print and branded promotional. Items such as pens, USB sticks, diaries, calendars and pads are making a bit of a comeback as businesses realise the importance of keeping in touch with their customers and managing existing customer relationships.

While digital marketing and email communications are important, something tangible will help you stand out. You’ll cut through the digital noise and bypass the clutter of an overflowing inbox.

A well thought out giveaway allows you to say “hello, we are thinking about you and here is a small gift from us”. It shows the customer that you value them enough to invest time, money and effort in the relationship. Crucially, these items ensure that your brand is on their minds when it comes to a requirement for your services.

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