How do you sum up fifty years of progress?

By 12th October 2015 Marketing, News, Print

When leading salvage company HBC Vehicle Services were celebrating their 50th anniversary they called Garda to help. The aim being to remind customers just how influential they have been in the industry to date.

Over the years, HBC have pioneered a number of innovations and technological advances. Now taken for granted, these innovations have shaped the salvage industry.

Garda came up with a fascinating 50 year timeline. It concisely summed up key moments in the company’s history, to their latest IT management system ‘Launchpad’. Designing the newsletter as an A4 gatefold enabled the timeline to span 4 pages. As a result, it emphasised HBC’s forward thinking approach and how they are always striving to make customers’ lives easier.

To see more about the work Garda have carried out for HBC Vehicle Services please click here.